Teaching with the book


In 2015 I am running two MOOCs: Introduction to Robotics, and Robotic Vision. They cover Chapters 1-3, 7-9 and 10-13, 15 respectively. More details can be found on QUT's MOOC website, including trailer videos. The first MOOC starts on February 16th. Note:

  • Robotics, Vision & Control is the textbook
  • An e-book containing relevant subsets of the book will be made available for free (PDF format with digital rights management)
  • The Mathworks, Inc. will make a copy of MATLAB, with all relevant toolboxes, available to all registered students (time limited licence)

    Teaching with the book

    I would encourage anybody teaching, or planning to teach, with the book to contact me. Personally:

    • I taught material from Chaps 10, 11 and 12 in semester 2 of 2011.
    • I taught material from Chaps 11, 13, 14 and 15 at a computer vision summer school in early 2012.


    I have presentation material that covers, not necessarily completely, chapters 1 and 10-15. Some of my lectures on Machine Vision, chapters 10-14, are available on YouTube

    I am happy to share with bone fide teachers/academics, and there is a simple click through agreement that will give you access to these slides in Keynote and Powerpoint format. instance contact me to discuss.

    There is also a wiki site for discussion and sharing of materials related to teaching with the book. Again, if you're a bone fide teacher I'm happy to add you to the list.

    Solutions to example problems

    I have a solutions to Chapters 2 through 10 in various stages of polish.

    People teaching using the RVC book

    • ENB339 at QUT, 3rd year engineering Intro to Robotics (Peter Corke, Michael Milford)
    • Robotics and Vision, Masters (A. Shabayek)
    • Intro to Arm-Type Robots, advanced undergraduate and graduate students, (Jeff Trinkle, Felix Endres)

    People teaching using the Toolboxes