Simplify symbolic link transform expressions

f = dhfactor(s) is an object that encodes the kinematic model of a robot provided by a string s that represents a chain of elementary transforms from the robot's base to its tool tip. The chain of elementary rotations and translations is symbolically factored into a sequence of link transforms described by DH parameters.

For example:

s = 'Rz(q1).Rx(q2).Ty(L1).Rx(q3).Tz(L2)';

indicates a rotation of q1 about the z-axis, then rotation of q2 about the x-axis, translation of L1 about the y-axis, rotation of q3 about the x-axis and translation of L2 along the z-axis.


base the base transform as a Java string
tool the tool transform as a Java string
command a command string that will create a SerialLink() object representing the specified kinematics
char convert to string representation
display display in human readable form


>> s = 'Rz(q1).Rx(q2).Ty(L1).Rx(q3).Tz(L2)';
>> dh = DHFactor(s);
>> dh
DH(q1+90, 0, 0, +90).DH(q2, L1, 0, 0).DH(q3-90, L2, 0, 0).Rz(+90).Rx(-90).Rz(-90)
>> r = eval( dh.command('myrobot') );



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