About Me


I live in Brisbane with my wife, two daughters and a cat.

By day I’m a professor at Queensland University of Technology.  My interests include robotics, computer vision, embedded systems, control and networking.  I’ve worked on robotic systems for mining, aerial and underwater applications.

By night I maintain two open-source toolboxes, one for robotics and one for vision, and have just finished writing a book on robotics, vision & control which will be published September 2011.


Studied: Electrical Enginering at the University of Melbourne.

Interesting ancestors

George Suttor (1774-1859), brought plants to Australia for Sir Joseph Banks, and was arrested during the Rum Rebellion (my gggg-grandfather).  Here’s a letter from Banks to Suttor.

George Hall Peppin (1800-1872), pastoralist and sheep breeder.  With his sons George and Frederic (my gg-grandfather) they developed the Peppin merino which revolutionised the wool industry in Australia.

Favourite links

Some professional links

  1. Editor-in-chief of the IEEE Robotics & Automation magazine

  2. Founding multi-media editor and editorial board member of the International Journal of Robotics Research

  3. Founding and associate editor of the Journal of Field Robotics

  4. Member of the editorial advisory board of the Springer Tracts on Advanced Robotics series

I wanted to be an astronaut when I grew up but that didn’t happen...  I have vivid memories of this book from my childhood and it was probably influential.  I recently bought a second hand copy...